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Care Management & Resource Advisement

Do you find it difficult or impossible to personally provide care/support for a person with a disability or who’s elderly?  Overwhelmed?  Live out of town or state?  We can help!

Care Managers are professionals in eldercare and disability issues who specialize in helping clients and families arrange services to meet the long-term care needs of elderly and disabled clients.  Whether a caregiver finds they are unable to personally provide the care and support needed, are overwhelmed with locating appropriate resources, are not locally available or are unable to assist with coordinating care like shopping, doctor appointments, transportation, and care oversight C&CM Services, Inc. associates are here.


Our associates provide on-site or office-based comprehensive assessments, during which, we work with the client and family to identify problems, clarify needs and evaluate options.  Each family caregiver, the client and physician receives a copy of the assessment and care recommendations.  A meeting is held with the client and family caregivers to develop a plan of care that encompasses all party*s needs, while maintaining the clients right to self-determination.  All parties also receive a copy of the final plan, which includes all continuing services agreed upon from C&CM Services, Inc., as well as, referrals to be made.


Our associates are experts in local resources and are skilled at advocating for quality care, we are experienced at locating services to fit each clients needs.  When on-going monitoring services are chosen, families can enjoy individual attention provided from C&CM Services, Inc. associates and regular reports regarding the clients progress.  Traveling or out-of-state family members especially appreciate this service.

Who Seeks Care Management?

Anyone who is responsible for the safety and welfare of another individual and needs advice and assistance with their multiple needs can benefit from Care Management.  Care Management does not replace family involvement, but supports family's ability to care for their dependent relative.  Care Managers are often hired by:

  • Families
  • Guardians
  • Trust Officers
  • Attorneys
  • Individuals with Power of Attorney

Care Management is a set of logical steps; a process that assures that a client receives needed services in a supportive, efficient and cost effective manner.  its purpose is to make the system work effectively in order to assure that individuals receive assistance that is responsive to their needs.

We are Advocates, Service Coordinators and Counselors.  With a network, we have intimate knowledge of resources and facilities in the community.  Our assistance allows you the time and freedom to provide the love and attention that only a family member can offer.

Who Needs Care Management?

Any person without informal social support, such as family or friends to advocate for personal health, safety and welfare would benefit from Care Management. Such as:

  • Older adults
  • Disabled adults or children
  • Persons "at risk" of institutionalization
  • Persons needing multiple services over a long period of time

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